Porch Pirate Craterface Threefingers Stealing Yet Again

Porch Pirate Craterface Threefingers Stealing Yet Again

At 2:08pm on December 18, 2021, another Peoria family near 75th Ave and Greenway was hit by the porch pirate who we've come to know as “Craterface Threefingers.”

Reader Michelle writes, “This loser stole some packages from a bunch of houses in my neighborhood, including mine!”

Indeed, we already have three reports of theft from what appears to be the same person, so I fear a great many people have been victimized.

Just throwing this out there: to date, nobody has provided a police report number regarding this particular person. When I got the second report about ol' Threefingers, I called the Peoria Police Department myself, and they essentially told me that they couldn't do anything without a report number. My subsequent attempts to get one have come up short. (Note that I can't file the police report; the victim of the crime has to do that.) At risk of sounding like a broken record, filing a police report is very important if you want the crime addressed.

Do you have any information about this theft? Use the form below or contact [email protected] to share your tip about this case or to get your own porch piracy case listed for free! We will keep you anonymous if you prefer.

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