Porch Pirate Toothless Bill Jagger Steals Package from Tempe, Arizona Home

Mill and Baseline Porch Pirate

On Wednesday, December 15, at 3:00pm, near Mill and Baseline, a thief stole a package from the doorstep of Tempe resident Miguel's house.

The thief, known to us as “Toothless Bill Jagger,” was described as a mid-30s male, caucasian, driving a blue Mini Cooper. In the photo, he appears to be wearing black shorts, a black shirt, blue sneakers, some kind of chain, and a black and red Jordan brand baseball cap with a white emblem.

A private reward of $200 is being offered for the tip that leads to an arrest. Anonymity optional. Use the form below or contact [email protected] to share your tip or to get your own porch piracy case listed for free!

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