Update on Porch Pirate Silvertooth Sally

silvertooth sally going through truck

We reported earlier on a porch pirate we called Silvertooth Sally who stole from a house near E Shangri La Rd & N 12th St in Phoenix.

Someone very closely resembling Silvertooth Sally was seen by Tempe, Arizona resident Brett rifling through his truck at his home near McClintock and Baseline. If this is the same person, and it looks like it is, she sure gets around.

Do you have any information about this person? Use the form below or contact [email protected] to share your tip about this case or to get your own porch piracy case listed for free! We will keep you anonymous if you prefer.

Please consider making a police report before you submit! This is another one of those cases where it could be really helpful if we had at least one police report number.

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