Porch Pirate “Jody Kegsteeler” Barbarously Snatches Parcel From Glendale Residence

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Jody Kegsteeler, Porch Pirate

On Friday, December 10, at 10:02am, near 51st Ave and Thunderbird, a thief made off with a package from the doorstep Glendale resident Jeremiah's home.

The thief fled in a sedan, possibly an Acura (comment below if you know the make and model of this vehicle).

The thief appeared to be a middle aged white woman with dirty blonde mid-length hair sporting grey pants, a sleeveless top, a large wristwatch, sand brown shoes, several unidentifiable arm tattoos, and a cigarette hanging from her mouth. “She looked like a female version of Joe Dirt.”

Recognize this thief? Use the form below or contact [email protected] to share your tip about this case or to get your own porch piracy case listed for free! We will keep you anonymous if you prefer.

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  1. I now that chick she a no good thief she goes around will coma area and 51st and freaking steals from cars trucks whatever she can people’s garages she’s a thief that needs to go down for her crimes

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